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One of the most watched Christian Artists of 2016!


Let us introduce you to The McNeills, farmers unexpectedly turned Christian Artists, with some of the cutest little backup singers in Texas… their 10 children!  It’s often said when talking about music that there’s nothing sweeter than family harmony.  With a family of 12, ranging from 49 to 3 years of age, The McNeills are living up to that belief.  The group has been garnering attention across the country for their unique lineup and music that bridges generations.  They have been invited to perform at the National Quartet Convention, Christian music’s largest event, as well as the Dollywood Gospel Harvest Fest, and have appeared on the ABC News Morning Show in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The McNeills have shared the stage with some of Gospel music’s biggest names, including The Hoppers, The Easters, The Erwins, The Nelons and Larry Ford.  


Singing in the silo on Michelle's family's farm while on their Indiana tour.  They went in to show the children what a silo was like and how it works, and... well... a song broke out!  This was completely unplanned, but so special!  The McNeills arranged this song for Chris' grandfather's going home celebration (it was his favorite) and sang in it Michelle's grandfather's silo.  Both passed away at the age of 90 in 2014.  As of October 2016, this video has an amazing viewership of over 7 million and counting!

While all of the McNeills play a role in their group, their sound is mostly comprised of four members of the family – mom and dad combo, Michelle and Chris, and their oldest daughter and son, Caylie and Landon.  Their other children, Ashleigh, Grace, Brianna, Hannah, Samuel, Madelynn, Ayden and Sarah also sing and play numerous instruments, including the piano, fiddle and mandolin.   If you have the chance to hear the McNeills in person, you'll see (and hear) what's important to them: A relationship with their Creator, a close-knit, fun-loving family, and smooth but tight, Gospel harmonies.

The McNeills were honored to sing at the 2016 National Quartet Convention on the Spotlight Artist stage, and at the Dollywood Gospel Harvest Fest! 

The McNeills took their children to Michelle's family's farm in Indiana to teach them about their heritage.  Although they have their own small  farm in Texas, this is where it "all began".  When touring the grain bins, a place Michelle often played as a child, they couldn't resist breaking into song.  What better song to sing in the heart of American farm country than the National Anthem! They sing this in honor of their grandfathers and ALL those who have given their time, their heart, their soul and their lives to protect our freedom!  The McNeills thank you and celebrate you!

The McNeills are excited to announce that "What A Friend We Have In Jesus", a single released from our latest "Not Ashamed" project, has hit the national charts!  Thank you to all of our wonderful DJ friends and fans for making this possible!  Download "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" today


The McNeills singing and playing Walk On - Live at First Baptist Church of Garland (2016)


Now Available!  The McNeills newest album... Family Favorites!

Check out the review of the Not Ashamed album in SGNScoops Magazine!


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