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Our family loves music, loves singing, loves Southern Gospel Music and, above all, loves the Lord Jesus Christ.  The love of music runs deep through our family roots - starting with Chris' grandfather passing on his love of fiddlin' to his great-grandson, who also happens to bear his name. Chris and Michelle (aka Mom and Dad) grew up singing in the church choir, singing on various praise teams, directing middle school/high school choir, and eventually leading contemporary worship at First Baptist Church of Garland.  Mom and Dad were excited to pass their love of music on to the children.  As the children grew and their musicianship developed, their chosen genre - to mom and dad's great delight, was Southern Gospel!  As we have continued to mature musically, we have broadened our horizons and have a love for many different types of music.

At this point, we started to feel the calling to step outside of our comfort zone, outside of our home, and share the gospel through music.  Caylie, our oldest, was ready to go!  Mom and dad?  Not so much.  We could only see the pitfalls and challenges.  We had seen some of the underbelly of being "on stage" and worried about its effect on our children.  But, God kept pressing in and wooing...

In early 2013, we had the great experience of meeting Bill Gaither, Mark Lowry, and Gordon Mote - a few Southern Gospel greats!  Their graciousness and humility - along with others such as Kelly Nelon and Michael English - made a big impression on us.  They weren't in it for the glory, but to share the love of Christ through music.  We found that the concert wasn't mere entertainment, but a night of worship.  That was all she wrote...  the music bug had officially been loosed and our journey began.  The love of music + the love of Christ came together as we began work on a a family album.  That's all... a simple family album.  We pieced it together using baling wire, duct tape, and a little bubble gum - in other words, we used a $20 mic, a 4 channel sound board, a computer and took turns singing.  It had its challenges (it can be hard to sing four part harmony with only one mic!), but we had a lot of fun along the way (and many giggles). 

Since that time,  we have been invited to perform at the National Quartet Convention, Christian music’s largest event, the Dollywood Gospel Harvest Fest, the Seminole Gospel sing and have appeared on the ABC News Morning Show in Corpus Christi, Texas.  We  have been very blessed to share the stage with some of Gospel music’s biggest names, including The Hoppers, The Easters, The Erwins, and Gaither Homecoming artists The Nelons and Larry Ford.  We recently joined up with six time Grammy Nominee and multiple Dove Award Winning Producer, Ben Isaacs to work on our newest project - Right In The Middle.  It was a huge honor to work with some of the top Nashville musicians and AMAZING producer!  What a fabulous and an unexpected journey!  It's not always easy, but it's always a blessing!! 

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