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Hi friends! Welcome to our site.  We have created this page at the request of those who have a desire to love and support our family on this crazy, beautiful journey that we find ourselves on! 

Ministry support, regardless of the type of ministry, usually comes in many different shapes and sizes!  Prayer support, physical support, encouragement support, an invitation to your church, and financial support are just a few of the many ways that you can often support a ministry.  If you feel that the Lord is leading you to support OUR ministry, we are delighted (and humbled!) to have you on board! 
As you know, God gives different gifts and abilities to each us.  Some of you are prayer warriors, some of you are encouragers, some of you are administrative types, some of you are physical laborers for the Lord,  some of you are givers, and some of you fall into many categories.   It truly takes ALL TYPES of people to make up the Body of Christ.  We are thankful for each and every one of you that uses your God given gifts to further the Kingdom of Christ. 

Prayer Support

This type of support is vital to our ministry.  There are many spiritual and physical battles that arise on this journey - far more than we ever expected, and we truly need the prayers of God's people to sustain us and help us along the way.  Please note:  We may post prayer requests about financial needs.  Please don't feel like we are asking YOU for money.  We are asking you to pray for God's provision - in whatever form that may be.

If you would like to support The McNeills ministry through prayer, then become a McNeills Prayer Warrior!  You can join our "The McNeills Prayer Group" on our Facebook Page.  If you are not a fan of Facebook, you can e-mail us at Michelle @ and we will add you to our Prayer Support E-mail list.  

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There are days that each of us just needs a little encouragement.  Times get tough, the enemy attacks, and/or our spirits are taking a hit.    If you have the gift of encouragement and love to lift up others, we would love for you to be on our Encouragement Team.  We are no different from others.  We sometimes need encouragement to press on, keep going, or to not give up in the hard the times.  No matter how passionate we are about this ministry, there are still days that we wake up and wonder what in the world we are doing.   The spiritual battles can often become mental, emotional, and physical battles, and our tired and weary souls just need a little extra lift.   Our encouragement team will send messages of encouragement as the Lord lays them on their heart.  They can be posted on our Facebook Encouragment Team Group page or sent to us via e-mail (Michelle @ 

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Physical Support

There are times that we need physical help with a project that directly relates to our ministry.  This includes things like repainting the bus, running electric line, remodeling the inside of the bus, mechanic work, local setup for an event, etc.  If you are local and would like to help on these projects, please sign up for our Physical Support Team Group on Facebook.  If you are not a fan of Facebook, you can e-mail us at Michelle @ and we will add you to our Physical Support E-mail list.

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Booking Support

If you are the administrative type that likes to put events together (or just want to have us!), coordinate having The McNeills to your church!  This is a wonderful way to support our ministry and help get the word out about The McNeills.  You can view booking information on our Contact Us -> Booking page, and then contact us for more information and setting a date! 

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Financial Support

If you feel called to support our ministry financially -whether it is for a specific need or project, a one time contribution, or monthly support - you can use the button below, or mail a check to:  The McNeills, P.O. Box 134, Bailey, Texas 75413.  If you would like for your gift to go to a specific thing (bus repairs, new CD project, etc.), then please make a note on your check, or send us an e-mail at:  Michelle @  Please note:  Our payments are processed through Paypal.  You do NOT need a Paypal account in order to donate/subscribe.  Paypal provides a place to contribute with a debit or credit card.  If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to ask!  NOTE:  Donations to The McNeills are not currently tax deductible.  We are currently praying over the right setup for our family and ministry.

One Time Contribution:

Monthly Contribution:

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